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10 Steps to getting your dog ready for a show

By Eilis Keady, PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMER, in Claregalway Brush out your dog’s coat (making sure to take out any mats before bath). This also removes loose hair and makes grooming after washing easier. Do any prebath clipping as required. Trim toenails (be careful not to cut too close to the quick). Safer to do it […]

Essentials for your Toolkit for Showing

Imelda Lynch gave us a list of her ‘must haves’ in her grooming kit for everyone getting a horse ready for the show ring. Stain master – for last min accidents Baby wipes – can’t live without! From your own hands, to tack to spots on the horse. They are simply essential. Surgical gloves – […]

5 Dos & Don’ts to Win in the Show Ring

Imelda Lynch, IPS Judge and showing her own horses for over 20 years give her 5 top Dos and Don’ts to help you win in the showing ring. Do: Arrive in time to warm up & collect competitor numbers etc If your horse is to be ridden by a judge try & have someone else ride him […]

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