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Equine Showing

Galway Co show is host to over 85 showing classes. From Working Hunter Ponies in rings 4 & 5 to Show Hunter Ponies, Ridden Connemara ponies & Lead Rein ponies in rings 6 & 7. Meanwhile, up in the horse section (rings 1 & 2) we have the young horse & mare & foal classes as well as Connemara young stock, mares & foals.

In ring 3 we have the ridden hunters & cobs & later in the day the ever popular senior & junior side saddle classes. Both qualifiers for the prestigious side saddle classes at the Dublin Horse Show 2016.  2014 was the first year the show held side saddle classes and drew a large number of competitors from all over the country. Side saddle dates back to the middle ages and while no longer a traditional way for women to ride their horses, these classes keep form of equestrianism alive in modern day times.

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