Essentials for your Toolkit for Showing

Essentials for your Toolkit for Showing

Imelda Lynch gave us a list of her ‘must haves’ in her grooming kit for everyone getting a horse ready for the show ring.
  • Stain master – for last min accidents
  • Baby wipes – can’t live without! From your own hands, to tack to spots on the horse. They are simply essential.
  • Surgical gloves – if you will be using black make up, spray’s or hoof oils they can stain your hands so the gloves are great to have on.
  • Stud kit – in case the ground is slippy
  • Hoof oil – makes all the difference
  • Cloths & a sponge – for touch ups in the ring

If you need anything for you, your horse or your grooming kit, Imelda has an online tack shop

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