Q&A for Dog Showing

Q&A for Dog Showing

Sam Walsh has been very successful showing her prizewinning Dobermans in both Ireland and UK. She also occasionally breeds her dogs, giving her great insight into show dogs from puppy to champion.

I asked Sam some basic questions to help get you started in the world of dog showing.

Q: How is a dog/pup staked up?

A: A dog should stand four legs square. Front two parallel the width of the chest apart. The back legs the same but they should also be parallel with the front.


Q: Any advice on how you should get your dog to move?

A: The correct movement is steady and all four legs moving not walking, galloping or running. The rear movement should have rotary action and drive and the front should have reach. enabling the dog to cover a lot of ground without a lot of effort.


Q: How old does a pup have to be to be shown?

A: There are baby puppy classes at shows from 4 months. And puppy classes from 6 months.. The classes on age groups up to veteran at 8.


Q: Where can I find out about shows and training classes ?

A: To find out about shows can be done by word of mouth or by asking the kennel club for a booklet called the show diary for that year.. to enter this must be done by either on line at dog show entry or by completing a schedule with the dogs and owners details.


Q: Where can I find out details of breeders who show?

A: Breeders who show usually have website if you found out a particular kennel name or Affix. Also those who show are known to that breeds club secretary. To get the clubs details a call to the kennel club and they will give out telephone numbers.